My Wish

Rabu, 09 November 2011

My Wish

Assalamualaikum wr.wb
Hello Friend LC
Back to levinzz compile ,  I will be introduce my self, my name is Djuneardy Saputra, you can call me Djun or Ardy, I am now studying at Gunadarma University, I like play with the network and computer hardware, I like sports, and automotive. Okay I will tell you about my wish and my dream in the future.
When I was a kid, I had a dream to become an machine engineer, but after I graduated from vocational high school, I changed my dream to be an informatics engineer , because I graduated from computer engineering and network majors.
to realize my dream,  I continue my study at Gunadarma University, My major is engineering informatics.
before me to Gunadarma University, I want to study at University of Indonesia or Bogor Agricultural Institute ,  but failed to get there. although I didn’t study at there, I must not give up to achieve my dreams. if I am get there, I'll take the computer science majors.
At Gunadarma University , if i am can do, i will to be a lab assistant at there and if I’m can do, I will graduate in 3,5 or 4 years.
If I were graduated from college, I would be work on a bona fide company, then collect the money to make a small company, which will be a big company hhe ^^, and not forget to marry with my love.
if I were got a big company, I would continue my biggest dream that is to become a minister ^^.
I really like the automotive , then if I have much money, I will buy a Nissan skyline GT-R R34.
it all started from a dream, so do not be afraid to dream at the highest because with dream our lives will be directed, so keep spirit, and you can be the best, remember “impossible is nothing”.
Wasalamualaikum wr . wb

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